Coffee Shop

We have real coffee, come to try it!
The brand is Lavazza Rosso, prepared with a special coffee maker. You can find the taste of the real expresso!
We can also serve you cappuccino, fresh fruit juice, lassi, cool coffee, chocolate croissants and chocolate cake.

Come and sit under the kottamba tree, or inside the coffee house. You will have a good time and feel relax!

Fruit juice bar

We serve only fresh fruits juice. Our juices are 100% home-made!
You have a large choice: pineapple, banana, papaya, mango, water melon, lime, orange, avocado, passion fruit, word apple and we can mix several fruits if you want!
Served with or without sugar, with or without lassi (named Curd), and very cool to refresh yourself!

We also serve king coconut with lime juice.

The best sri lankan tea

We serve the best sri lankan tea, from the heart of the country.
Lemon tea, ginger tea and spicy tea are available in Samagi.

If you like our tea, you can also buy some fresh tea in our place.
croissants, Espresso