Samagi Restaurant [ Accomadation ]

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We offer a very comfortable apartment for guests who look for a good place to sleep. In Samagi villa, they can feel like it is their own home.
The villa is located in Seenimodara (only 9 km from Tangalle / Colombo-Tangalle main road).
The house is secured with walls around. This is a quiet and peaceful place, with many trees around (like a small jungle), beautiful beachs at only 5 minutes by foot, and behind a big hill. Birds and monkeys can be seen in this place.
The villa is near from the Tangalle or Dickwella, where you can go to “Food city” to buy your necessary things. There are buses and tuk-tuk which go to the villa.
Moreover, our villa is very closed to the famous Blow Hole, Waurukannala meditation Buddha and Mulkirigala Rock Temple.
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Our services

In the villa, upstair, you can find 2 bedrooms. All you need is available: hot and cold water, shower, and you can make your own meals because there are a small pantry with gas oven and burners, fruit juicer, rice cooker, etc.
Also, you can find an automatic washing machine, iron and ironing board.
Outside, you can find an area to have dinner where there is an hammock to feel relaxed.
Upstair, you can find a large balcony with comfortable chairs.
Inside, electronic equipment is available: CD/DVD player, broadcasting satellite for TV, and indoor games like Playstation3, etc.

In the villa, downstair, lives a very small and friendly family. You can learn to cook sri lankan meals with them if you want, and for free.

We rent bicycles, a motor bike and a van.